We are two friends, who did our masters in Business Administration and worked in different sectors of industries and had a common passion about farming naturally grown animals for their meat, milk and eggs using traditional methods of Integrated Farming (Pannaiyam).

We started this journey with a sincere motive of growing these animals in a traditional way as it was during the good olden days i.e. Naturally, avoiding chemicals, antibiotics and artificial feed. Our animals are partially free ranging, benefiting not just mankind but also the flora and fauna around us.



Our animals are partially free ranged and grown naturally without any artificial feed or growth hormones to regulate their growth. We feed our animals with natural fodder (Such as rice, millets, corn, vegetable and fresh greens) and also 30 different types of herbs which boos t their natural immunity so that they get protection from different diseases and increase their nutritive value. We have surveyed over 80 farmers across Tamil Nadu to learn about the traditional techniques of farming animals.  We incorporated these traditional techniques into our Pannaiyam for growing animals as it is in nature and provide the best of it for your consumption.

“You do not own this planet, we are temporary residents and it is our responsibility to enhance and protect this for our future generations”